Indonesia increases its trademark fees

Indonesia has issued a new regulation increasing trademark costs. From 3 July official fees will increase. Fees for one application are currently IDR 1 million (just under USD100), but the new regulation states this will cover up to 10 items in the specification for each class. For each additional 10 items, another identical fee will be charged. So for example an application in classes 25 and 35 covering 24 and 8 items in the specification respectively, will be calculated as below:  Class 25: IDR 3 million plus Class 35: IDR 1 million, totaling IDR4 million (just under USD400).  Multi-class application are available, and the same fees apply, currently IDR 1 million (just under USD100), per class. So the 2 class example above will in effect bear twice the official fees now.

Whilst fee increases are never popular, Indonesia does charge too little for IP compared to other countries, which is reflected in the relatively lower quality of the infrastructure and results from the IP office.  Lets hope they invest the increased fees in better services for customers.