Indonesian judges get pay hike to combat corruption

Indonesian judges have been given a huge salary hike in an attempt to curb corruption. Until now a judge's salary ranged from between Rp 1.8 million to Rp 4.5 million ($186 to $465), under a 2007 government regulation.Now salaries will be raised to a minimum of Rp 10.5 million a month ($1,100), with increases up to Rp 45 million ($4,650) depending on rank. This increase of many multiples makes them some of the highest paid in Asia, said Supreme Court officials in a training program for judges in Bandung last week 

Indonesian judges have a bad reputation. Several including Commercial Court IP judges have been caught red handed taking bribes. Indonesia Corruption Watch, an NGO, expressed doubt about whether the raise would have the desired effect. Social media and other comments have also been skeptical.  

But there is no doubt that absurdly low salaries were part of the problem. Of course some bad behaviours will not change overnight. But lets hope that in 12 months time, the practice of asking lawyers in one by one to 'discuss' the case with the judges, in the hope of receiving a thick envelope, will be significantly rarer.