Indonesian patent law amendments

Indonesia's patent law is at present under amendment. The process has taken many years but it is now believed that the law will be amended in the next 12 months. Some proposed amendments include:

  • The government will own all patented inventions by government servants, although an inventor remuneration system is proposed.
  • An obligation to mention in the description the origins of any genetic resources and / or traditional knowledge for inventions derived from either source.
  • Patents are declared capable of being used as backing for financial instruments.
  • Compulsory licensing is permitted where developing or least developed countries require pharmaceutical products for which there is a granted patent in Indonesia but those pharmaceutical products can be manufactured in Indonesia, for export only to that developing or least developed country for the purpose of treatment of its endemic diseases.

The new patent law is scheduled to be enacted before the end of 2015, although this timetable may slip. The Chief of Special Committee for the draft Patent Bill, John Kenedy Azis, was appointed several weeks ago. The Committee will begin to schedule meetings and hearings for the Draft Law. Further amendments are still possible.