Rouse in Profile: Debbie Manurung

Juliane Sari Manurung, known as Debbie, was born in Bandung, the capital of West Java and Indonesia’s third largest city. In 2001, she graduated in Law, majoring in Transnational and Diplomatic Law, from Bandung’s Padjadjaran University.   

On graduating, Debbie  decided not to practice law, but instead to continue working  as marketing manager for  a cosmetics company – a job she had had throughout her university study.  On impulse, however, she undertook a case study test as part of a Jakarta IP law firm’s selection process and, as a result, realized that she did want to practice law.  In 2002, she joined the IP law firm and  in 2006  became a certified IP consultant.  Then, in 2008, wanting to broaden her knowledge of commercial law, she joined a bank as an in-house lawyer.   Finally,  in 2010, she joined the Rouse team as an IP attorney and partner at Suryomurcito & Co., Rouse’s affiliated law firm in Indonesia.

Debbie says that throughout her journey with Rouse, every case has been invaluable for her professional growth, but there is one case, acting for the owner of a famous brand in a trade mark cancellation action,  that left  a  deep impression. The authorities had initially threatened to reject the cancellation application as Rouse/Suryomurcito & Co refused to hand over any bribes. In the end, Debbie and her team were able to convince the authorities that Rouse’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy precluded them from paying bribes.  Eventually they succeeded at first instance. The  opposing party, however, filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, which was decided very quickly compared to other similar appeals we knew were being dealt with by the same Panel of Judges (which usually indicates that the opposing party has attempted a behind the scenes ‘approach’). To the team’s relief, however, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal and upheld the first instance decision.

In 2009, Debbie was married and she is now the mother of two handsome boys, Daniel and Nathan – adding to her already big family: both she and her husband are the fourth child of five siblings. She understands how important it is to spend quality time with her family and makes sure that, amidst  her busy life as a lawyer, she dedicates time each day to her sons, continuing her work when they have gone to bed. When she needs to travel out of town or out of the country, she stays in contact with her family with Skype. She says she is fortunate to have her husband’s support, as well as some assistance from a household helper. And she is also fortunate to be working with Rouse - its flexibility and its communication systems allow her to work wherever she needs, not just in the office, and this enables her to maintain a good work/life balance.