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      With decades of experience, Suryomurcito & Co's IP enforcement team specialises in brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy and complex IP enforcement work.
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      Suryomurcito & Co and our associate firm Rouse have our roots in anti-counterfeiting and enforcement.



      Our in-depth knowledge combined with constant innovation has made us a leading force in protecting trade mark, trade name, copyright, patent, and design rights. We also protect some of the world’s most valuable brands against the false association, copycats, misleading advertisements, and other brand damage.

      By working directly with the relevant authorities who enforce IP law at a local level, our team ensures all the available IP protection tools are utilised. Our team consists of experienced IP enforcement and brand protection specialists bridging the different IP professions, including investigation and evidence specialists, trademark and patent agents, IP lawyers and litigators, brand protection, and IP consultants. Suryomurcito & Co and associate firm Rouse combined forces handle the intelligence side, evidence gathering, administrative and customs cases to civil and criminal litigation, and negotiations.

      Services & Solution

      We offer a variety services and solution devised to effectively implement anti-counterfeiting strategies for leading brand owners around the world.

      Managing Enforcement Programmes

      Drawing on decades of experience, innovative tools for managing programmes and results tracking, Suryomurcito & Co manages brand and technology protection programmes with a strong focus on multinationals. We do this at the country level and regional level across Asia and EMEA. 


      Harmonising IP Enforcement and Portfolio Strategies

      Trade mark piracy is common in Indonesia's market and the country's unique IP landscape requires experienced IP lawyers and litigators to deal with IP sqautters. Our multidisciplinary team ensures that your IP portfolio is optimised and you are fully equipped to protect your rights and your business' competitive advantage.


      Online services

      As online sales have boomed, so has the sale of infringing products online, creating a minefield of potential intellectual property infringements. From the sale of counterfeit goods to ‘brandjacking’, often via social media, online reputation management is time consuming but incredibly important.

      We work with clients to develop clear and compelling online monitoring and enforcement strategies to suit their needs. 

      We conduct monitoring and takedown programs across online marketplaces too. Our advantages are high-level engagement with key platforms and our use of skilled human monitoring that is supported by technology.  Our analysts are both local language and IP experts. We are experienced in using creative means to remove even the trickiest of online offenders and are well versed in building up precedent offline cases to further support online takedowns.

      Our online brand protection services are designed to prevent online brand abuse and erosion, including the sale of counterfeits, copyright infringement, false association, cyber-squatting and brandjacking for a number of well-known brands. We actively advise clients, and take action on their behalf, in relation to online trade mark infringement or the posting of offensive content on websites and social media channels.

      By working closely with internet service providers we have conducted several online take down programmes with high compliance rates.



      We have specialist teams focused on anti-counterfeiting work. We have strong experience working with administrative authorities, conducting numerous raids annually and following up with civil or criminal action.

      Timely and reliable information is critical to help you target your resources. We set up processes to make sure that information flows efficiently from your business, commercial partners, customers, law enforcement authorities and from third party service providers. Where information is incomplete, our in-house evidence specialists will step in, working with the best third party firms as needed.


      A core focus of our Enforcement practice is compliance. We deliver rigorous staff training. Where we use external partners to extend our geographical reach, we closely supervise and audit the completed work. This focus on compliance ensures clients can have confidence that any action initiated on their behalf meets the highest standards of anti-corruption laws and regulations.


      Customs Protection

      Whether goods are stopped as they leave China or before they enter market countries, efficiently implemented and managed customs programmes can give the greatest return on investment in IP enforcement. We use data, customs training, shipment analysis, and lobbying to optimise customs programmes. 

      Suryomurcito & Co and all Rouse network offices handle customs work. We are in daily contact with the authorities in markets worldwide.  We make sure client’s resources are used wisely and pursue high-impact enforcement against high-value targets, while also tackling smaller, routine cases at minimal cost. 


      Copyright – Digital Content

      We advise on all forms of copyright infringement, including streaming and website abuse, computer software infringement, as well as developing creative strategies of obtaining evidence of licence abuse and end-user piracy. We advise many global copyright associations and leading members on specific cases as well as policy issues. 


      Complex Investigations

      Our IP evidence gathering experts have been a cornerstone of our business from the outset. The Rouse network provides an advantage with a global network of multilingual investigative, intelligence, and evidence gathering specialists who can quickly and effectively track infringing and counterfeit products from a manufacturing source in one country to a point of sale in another.

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