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      We have a strong Dispute Resolution Team. Ever since the Indonesia Commercial Court commenced IP cases hearing in 2001, we started garnering experience in managing IP cases. We have now gained an experience of over 15 years in litigation including appeals to the Supreme Court.
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      IP dispute resolution through litigation forms a core of Suryomurcito & Co's business. Our lawyers handle both civil and criminal litigation and also work with enforcement teams on administrative and customs actions.

      Our associate firm Rouse and Rouse network firms across the world hold strong experience bringing and defending IP disputes and have been involved in numerous ground breaking cases worldwide. In the past five years, we have filed or defended close to 2,000 IP disputes including numerous cases involving disputes in multiple jurisdictions.

      We analyse every case to identify the most effective strategy or combination of strategies to achieve the best result for our clients. We have in-house evidence specialists who work with our lawyers and to ensure that we gather the best evidence to support our case. We have advised both local and International clients in landmark trials across Intellectual Property Rights. Our litigators are highly regarded for their meticulous case preparation that reduces the high risk of procedural error in Indonesia IP litigation environment to very low. Timely advise and international litigation experience gives Suryomurcito & Co’s Dispute resolution team its edge. 

      Trade Marks & Unfair Competition

      Our leading lawyers have handled numerous trade mark and unfair competition cases.

      Our trade mark dispute teams handle the full range of cases from complex litigation involving look alike brands to online infringement, customs seizures, anti-counterfeiting, and protection of geographical indications (GIs).

      Our teams are made up of litigators with many years of experience in finding the best solution to trade mark and unfair competition disputes. Our litigators work with both internal and external researchers and evidence specialists to obtain information and evidence to support a case. 

      Our extensive trade mark and unfair competition litigation experience handling both local and International clients in landmark trials across Intellectual Property Rights has been recognised by numerous publications and directories.

      We also work closely with our trade marks group at Rouse Indonesia to develop strategies for portfolio development and protection as part of many of our cases. 

      We also work with our enforcement group in a number of matters including custom seizures, online infringement, anti-counterfeiting matters and domain name surveillance, recovery and dispute resolution.


      We are one of the few firms actively involved in patent litigation in Indonesia.

      We have extensive experience litigating patent disputes covering all areas of technology, including telecommunications, life sciences, industrial chemicals and mechanical patents. We have strong experience in Patent Infringment cases.

      Our team has handled numerous cross-border litigation cases, co-ordinating with lawyers and patent agents in each country to ensure consistent arguments and the development of a winning strategy in each location. Where necessary, we also work with select counsel in jurisdictions where we do not have offices to advance the client’s strategy

      Copyright & Design


      The digital age has seen an explosion in online copyright infringement from unauthorised content to the wide availability of valuable works available for download.

      Our litigation team can handle both civil and criminal copyright cases relating to all types of copyright infringement.  We assist clients to gather evidence of infringement to prove the ownership and subsistence of their rights and then bring action before the most appropriate bodies.

      We also have strong video game, software and entertainment industry experience including actions against circumvention devices and search engines which has given a deep understanding of the technical issues in dealing with such disputes. 


      Designs are becoming an IP battlefield with the increasing use of online platforms and technologies. Many infringers will not show trade marks in online postings, making it hard - if not impossible - to have products taken down through online complaints procedures.

      IP pirates often copy elements of the designs of famous products.

      We develop strategies to effectively enforce designs from take down notices and administrative enforcement, to litigation in court including advising on the validity and enforceability of the designs and gathering the necessary evidence of the infringement.

      Our Team

      +62 21 5080 8157

      Dimas Heldian

      Senior Trade Marks & Brands Manager


      +62 21 5080 8156

      Evi Triana

      Partner at Suryomurcito & Co (a member of the Rouse Network)


      +62 21 5080 8157

      +62 21 5080 8157

      Tania Lovita

      Principal, Indonesia Head of Dispute Resolution Team


      +62 21 5080 8157

      +62 21 5080 8157

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